Başkonsolosun Özgeçmişi

Ahmet Rıza Demirer

Date of birth:12.4.1963

Marital Status:Married, two children.

Spoken languages:English, French and Russian.

1982:Graduation from the Lycée Sainte Jeanne d’Arc, Dakar, Senegal

1986:Graduation from the Faculty of Economics, University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France

1986-1990:Attaché, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1990-1993:Vice-Consul, Consulate General of Türkiye, Munich, Germany

1993-1996:First Secretary, Embassy of Türkiye, Tbilisi, Georgia

1996-1998:First Secretary, Department of the Caucasus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1998-2002:Consul General of Türkiye, Kazan, Russia

2002-2004:Head of the Central Asia Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2004-2006:Consul General of Türkiye, Novorossiysk, Russia

2006-2008:Consul General of Türkiye, Komotini, Greece

2008-2009:Head of the Balkans Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2009-2012:Deputy Director General for the Caucasus and Central Asia, Ministry

of Foreign Affairs

2012-2015:Ambassador of Türkiye, Gabon

2015-2016:Special Envoy for Somalia-Somaliland Talks, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2016-2019:Director General for Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2019-:Acting Head of Mission, Consulate General of Türkiye, Jerusalem


Ahmet Rıza Demirer Consul General
Monday - Friday

08:00 - 17:00

- Turkish citizens can come to the Consulate General for consular services without prior appointment. - Visa applications should be made through the offices of Passport Visa Service LLC in Jerusalem and Ramallah.