Statement by Turkish Airlines (THY) regarding the requests to fly with THY from Egypt to Türkiye

Kudüs Başkonsolosluğu 01.02.2011

In order to respond to the latest demands of Turkish and foreign citizens who request to fly with our corporation from Egypt to Türkiye, we have just launched a Help Desk Center at our OCC Management in Istanbul for planning and coordinating charter and scheduled flights.

The contact numbers are given below:

Contact number can be reached 7/24 for scheduled flights;

+90 212 465 2463

Contact number can be reached 7/24 for Charter Flights;

+90 212 458 06 22

Additional contact number (reachable between 08:30 – 17:30 hrs) for Charter Flights;

+90 505 904 30 01


Ahmet Rıza Demirer Consul General
Monday - Friday

08:00 - 17:00

- Turkish citizens can come to the Consulate General for consular services without prior appointment. - Visa applications should be made through the offices of Passport Visa Service LLC in Jerusalem and Ramallah.